Site24x7: Web Monitoring Service for Cloud Apps

Site24x7 is another interesting web monitoring service for Cloud Apps and websites that you can use to keep up to date about the uptime of your web sites.

Site24x7: Web Monitoring Service for Cloud Apps

Site24x7 has lot of features to monitor the availability of your websites and performance monitoring including the following:

  • Web Site availability monitoring
  • Website performance monitoring
  • Web Application Monitoring
  • Email protocols: POP3, SMTP, IMAP
  • SSL Certificate Expiration Checks
  • FTP Monitoring
  • Ping Monitoring
  • Web page analyzer
  • Port Monitor
  • TCP Connect monitor

There is a complete monitoring dashboard and reporting solution so you can get latest stats for your monitoring services. The service has a free service for 2 websites but if you want to monitor many websites you’d need to pay for a premium plan.

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How to be alerted when a web page has been changed

There are many alert systems around and web monitoring solutions but something really simple and useful for many is a web alerting tool that helps you alerting when a web page has been changed.

One of these free services is Change Detection. With Change Detection you can be alerted when a change is made on a web page. Not only by a change on the page size but also when the content changed, when new content is added or removed from the page.

Applications like this one are very useful for many purposes, if you came to this article looking for such product then you may have clear why this can be useful for you 😉 . In order to monitor a webpage, you just need to open Change Detection in your browser, add the URL that you want to monitor changes and then enter your email address. You will be requested to register to the site, which is not so bad since you can add multiple pages under the same account.

Once ready, submit the form and confirm your account. You will be asked to enter some other settings for the pages that you are monitoring, like the criteria to consider when the page changes and trigger the alert.

How to monitor for free your sites with is a free monitoring service that you can use to monitor your websites and take serious actions when your web server is down. If you are running an important website that a minute of failure would lead in lot of money loses, then a web monitor tool may help you to minimize the downtimes. is part of the TeamViewer family and there is a premium service Monitis too.

You can start creating a new monitor account, add a monitor and choose HTTP with port 80, in case it is using the default web port. Continue reading How to monitor for free your sites with

Monitoring tools for Domains

Domainers who want to take care of domain changes may be interested to use domain monitoring tools. One of the most popular monitoring tools for domains is DomainMonitor.


DomainTools has some valued and free services that you can take advantage of. For example, you can:

  • Manage and Monitor domain registrant alert
  • Manage and Monitor trademark alert
  • Manage and Monitor name server changes
  • Manage and Monitor domain changes

These tools of course helps you if you are interested in a particular domain but that is not available. Some domains usually change the registrant when are sold, but other domains are dropped and you can get for cheap domain names like you ever wanted. For example, if someone registered your domain name with your full name, including first name and last name and you want to get it back to you.

How to backup your Gmail content

Gmail is great if you want to store all your email content inside one single account, since it has more than 8Gb in size and increasing daily, you can save lot of information inside your Gmail account. Also, you can order to increase your account size for a few bucks per month. But given the problems that cloud servers and solutions demonstrate to happen it would be smart to keep backup of important Gmail content in another place. Continue reading How to backup your Gmail content

CrystalDiskInfo: HDD & Memory Monitoring Tool

If you are experimenting memory errors in your Windows system or performance issues then memory monitoring tools are for you. This time we’d like to introduce CrystalDiskInfo, a free tool that you can use to monitor your memory, disk status and as a hard disk monitor. This tool control and monitor your storage systems using the Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology System (SMART).

Internet Connection Monitor

Internet Connection Monitors help you understanding what is happening with outbound and inbound Internet connection. These tools are useful for example if you run your office or home network and suspect of non trusted traffic between your computers and Internet, or if you want to monitor what is happening in all the in/out Internet connection links.

Network traffic monitoring tools help you understanding what happens with your Internet connection. You can use an Internet connection monitor to keep track of your Internet links.

Internet Rocket for example is a simple Internet connection monitor tool that helps you speeding up the Internet connection. The built-in testing tool will make sure that you know what settings work for you.

There are also Open Source Internet connection monitor tools that you can use, for example ICM ( and network tools from Standford website.

Email archiving solutions

Sometimes we need to archive our old email and when this time comes it is recommended to find an email archiving expert in order to avoid risk of losing important emails.

Fortunately there are many email archiving solutions and plans around the Internet and you can go ahead and find your email archiving expert to do this work while you can focus on the core of your business.

Monitoring this activity is also recommended. If you are an employee or manager in your company, make sure you can monitor if someone else is archiving your emails and sign non disclosure agreement to avoid future issues with your email content. Remember there are some email archiving regulations that you should be aware also, including compliance on email archiving.

What is email archiving?

Email archiving is a standalone IT application that integrates with an enterprise email servers like Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Domino. In addition to simply accumulating email messages, these applications index and provide quick, searchable access to archived messages independent of the users of the system using a couple of different technical methods of implementation. This is an important asset for the company since keeping track of old emails could be potentially an advantage for employees who want to locate information in archived emails.


Web email clients with IMAP support and multiple accounts

This is not about email monitoring services, but instead if you are looking for  powerful hosted or web email clients with IMAP support and multiple accounts support, then here is a selection of products that you can consider.


AfterLogic is an email server, email client and also offer email components for businesses.




Looking for web based IMAP email client

If you are looking for web based IMAP email client you should know that there are some free services around.

Gmail Google Email

You may already know about Google Gmail service, of course using Gmail you can configure multiple accounts (see note below) and you can also use IMAP accounts.

Zoho Mail

Zoho email is one of the favorite alternatives with IMAP support and web based solution. You can sign in with your Google account and start using it for free. In order to add imap account in Zoho mail you first need to enable IMAP access in settings, then go to account management and add a new account.

AIM Mail client

GMX Mail


For other email clients, you can consider desktop applications like Thunderbird or Outlook. However, notice that if you want to avoid to backup your hard disk to keep your old emails you may consider using IMAP to keep messages on the server.

Unfortunately, at the moment of writing this post there is no useful information about cloud email clients, but clearly services like Hotmail or Gmail offer email in the cloud. However, businessmen and corporations that use Google for email management would find there is a lack of support of multiple accounts in a professional way. Although you can define multiple accounts, at the time you send emails it adds a message that says Behalf of your original account, so if you use your personal account for Gmail and try to define multiple other accounts you’ll face that your message sent to coworkers or colleagues will appear with a “behalf” label.

Mail Smith is another alternative for email client software.

If you are curious about IMAP ports, you should know that 143 is the default IMAP port, while other servers use different port settings.

FirePlotter: Real Time Session Monitor for Firewalls

FirePlotter is introduced as a realtime session monitor for firewalls. The application simply shows you the traffic that is flowing through your internet connection moment to moment, in realtime.

FirePlotter can also be described as a firewall vizualization tool, or a bandwidth analyzer or a web connection monitor for Cisco ASA/PIX firewall or FortiNet FortiGate firewall.

One of the benefits of FirePlotter is that the tool can replay all the session data it collects.